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Costeras Marceddi

Riqualificazione di 8 borgate marine della Sardegna - Marceddi, Italy
1st Prize

MARCEDDI’S RESIDUAL LANDSCAPE, a compromise between natural and anthopic landscape. The competition’s area is located inside the Oristano’s gulf, a wet system of great ecological value that nowadays, as a result of several transformations, presents itself as a residual, fragmented and fragile space in which the raising anthopic pressure damages the natural balance.
For Marceddi, it’s proposed a new landscape based on a strategy of reconstruction and revalorization of existing systems, a new way of inhabiting it based on the interpretation of natural dynamics and reuse of existing structures and cultural typologies. The goal is to solve both ecological questions and, above all, to define programs and means to valorize and organize the territory, to identify existing relations between natural and anthropic systems, between natural transformations and human occupation, finally finding a way in which both cohabit and valorize each other.
With a new dimension, no more just a fisherman’s dwelling or a “passing through” village, the old fisherman’s village finds again it’s own identity on the lagoonal landscape. Marceddi becomes a place in which several environmental protection and discovering activities, tourism, fish farming and fishing co-exist, contribute and promote to it’s vitaliztion and economical development.

with Paratelier
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