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Lisbon Architecture Triennale's "Norte/Sul - Arquitectura contemporânea em diálogo" exhibition project
Honorable Mention

The House is the natural extension of the Habit, a garment that protects the body. The Habit, as an element that protects us, is itself the first form of Dwelling.
In the first instance the house is just a way to protect the body from the outside or rather, to allow a protected relationship with it.
In addition to the clothing we have come to use, we inhabit homes to protect the body from the outside environment, from weather conditions.
Only after these physical needs are fulfilled, the House gains other meanings - symbolic and social ones. Never before.
Between the Northern and Southern hemispheres, as well as between the North and South of Portugal, the shape of the house helps to adjusts the physical aspects of our body to the surrounding environmental conditions.

with Ventura Trindade, Arquitectos
Graphic Design: Joana Ribeiro
Acoustics, Illumination, AVAC: Natural Works
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