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CT House

A family house for the holidays, built in the seventies, with no architectural value but with a strong sentimental value to its owners. Inserted in a landscape of great importance: a plot of 3500 m2 at one hundred and fifty meters from the sea on a promontory overlooking a small bay, with the Etna volcano and the Gulf of Catania as backdrop.
The project’s goal was to restore a functional and aesthetic structure to half of the original house, created by the division among heirs. It proposes a new centrality through a patio/courtyard, typical of Mediterranean architecture, around which all?activities and spaces are organized. This patio, protected by a small wall in the South and a pergola in the North, is an open space, but very private, an area that internalizes the landscape.
From an aesthetic / conceptual point of view, it is an "aformalistic" intervention since the project imposes continuity to the artifact, achieving coherence through the layering of history rather than through a uniform vision of the present.

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