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Petit Cabanon

Petit Cabanon Cafe is located in Parque das Nações, Lisbon, and is meant to be a “parent and child cafe” - a place in which parents can enjoy having a coffee, catching up with friends etc., without having to worry about their children's surroundings. For this purpose it houses a playroom with a playground for children.
It is not intended to be or feel like a nursery or a playground. Instead it is meant to be a comfortable and intimate place for adults (whether they have children or not). To accomplish this, warm lighting  and materials were used and a great focus was put on acoustics.
To accommodate the children, a house archetype shaped playroom/playhouse, stocked with books, toys and an indoor playground was built. Outside of the playhouse it’s the grown-ups world, inside the children’s one: walls, floor and ceiling are yellow, everything is scaled to their size - even the height of the two big window sills, which allow the parents to easily watch-out for their children.

Client: Petit Cabanon Café
Contractor: Topfly Construções, LIES Electricidade & Instalações Especiais
Photographs: Leonardo Finotti
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